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And it'll shut the gossips and rumourmongers up. 

I'm back.

You have been lied to this year.  I did not take leave of my senses and become a twisted fuck for fun and profit.  I did not suddenly decide that I looked good in a white suit.  I have spent most of this year working with Alison and Charles to remove the Hellfire Club as a threat to this school.  These names may or may not mean anything to you, but still: thanks in large part to my sister and Dr Steven Strange, Selene is no longer a threat to you or anyone else.  Sebastian Shaw now has plenty of other things to occupy his time, and a very strong incentive to steer well clear of this school.  Emma Frost, well, she was never a threat in the same manner as the other two, and now has plenty of opportunities elsewhere to exploit, anyway.

The job is done, as well as circumstances allowed, and I'm done with pretending to be the White King.

At some point, I'm sure I'll have the time to catch up on how all your lives have been for the last year, and meet any new young headcases that have turned up since well, January, really, but for now, I reckoned it might be best to at least explain where I've been, and why I'm back.
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