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It occurs to me that I have not really made use of this in the way I intended when we started Snow Valley, which is a bit fucking useless of me.

You see, for all I no longer work at Xavier's, I remain extremely interested in what the first (and then the subsequent) generation of mutants is likely to do as you grow into maturity. It's one of the reasons Snow Valley exists - to attempt to advise our clients on how to cope with the changes that a mutant society will bring to their business and their interests. (Yeah, that "first generation" assertion is shaky. Roll with it. My generation and the one before it had mutants, sure, be many of us weren't exactly normal socialised, and we certainly weren't able to mix extensively with other mutants at places like Xaviers, or Silver.)

(Fuck me, I sound like some kind of academic. Not bad for a man who only managed to get three O-levels, and two of them by accident.)

So I really wanted to use this space to ask you lot questions (students and staff alike), and y'know, hopefully start a little discussion.

So I read this the other day: Three New Yorkers Track What They Read, Watch, and Listen to for One Week.

I don't expect a full week or anything, but if any of you would like to tell me about your media diet for the last couple of days, and specifically if any of it has any relevance whatsoever to the fact that you're a mutant, then I'd be fascinated.
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