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Name:Pete Wisdom
Birthdate:May 5
Location:Westchester, New York, United States of America


Pete Wisdom: Trained initially as an assassin and then as an agent for British Intellgence from the age of 18, Pete spent ten years working in intelligence before becoming disillusioned and being fired for his particular brand of objecting to certain decisions. He relocated to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, obstensively the guidance counsellor and self-defence teacher, but in reality running Charles Xavier's intel network for the X-Men. The arrival of Amanda Sefton, a runaway mutant witch entrusted to his care by his sister Romany, added a personal aspect to Pete's position at the school, the girl quickly becoming family to him. It was on her account he went undercover for a year as the White King of the Hellfire Club, a move that was seen by those not in the loop, such as Remy LeBeau, as a personal betrayal. Following the fall of Selene, Pete left the school and later sought out Remy, Amanda and Betsy Braddock to help him rescue his sister. The group that they gathered became the foundation of a new team, X-Force, of which Pete was a field leader for three years until his physical and mental breakdown following the events of Day Zero and Mechanisms of Revenge. Plagued by his callous sacrifice of friends and innocents in the cause, he is currently AWOL, trying, in his words, to 'get his head on straight'.

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We also highly encourage readers - if you're looking for X-Men based entertainment, X-Project welcomes you to read along and enjoy the ride!

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